About Us

Apex Financial Solutions is a mortgage broking and finance broking business. Our experienced team can help you with personal, agri-business or commercial and business finances.

With over 23 Years of combined Broking and Banking experience, we at Apex Financial Solutions can take care of your needs.

Here at Apex Financial Solutions we give you access to the convenience of a “One Stop Shop”. This means that you can work on your business without worrying about the elements of your Finance and Insurance, we will personally take care of the lot on your behalf.

Personalised service is our major focus and the ability to provide you with a true complete Finance and Insurance package. Apex Financial Solutions has access to a wide range of banks and lenders to fulfil you’re financing needs.

Apex Financial Solutions can offer a range of loans including Home and Investment property loans, Commercial Loans, Business Loans, Personal Loans, Car, Motorbike, Boat and Truck loans and is a full member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) which ensures that our clients are dealing with a reputable finance broker which is industry accredited.

We also provide Leasing and Chattel Finance for plant and equipment for any worthwhile business purpose.

If you are after finance or insurance we should be your first port of call.

We have arrangements with non-conforming lenders who will look at paid and un-paid defaults, ex bankrupts as well as Low Doc and No Doc facilities.

Our strategy here at Apex Financial Solutions is to offer you a full suite of lending, insurance and life solutions. This saves you, our clients, time and money as you only have to provide the information once to us and we can source the facilities that best meet your needs.

Our mortgage broking and finance broking services are generally free to use. You may ask how on earth we make money? The answer – We are paid by the lender you choose. At no time is the cost of our service passed on to you the client.

Rather than walking from bank to bank in search of the best deal we have state of the art software that analyses your individual circumstances and determines the best product for you. You might be surprised to know that many of our clients don’t end up with the ‘Big 4’ because thankfully we have more than a dozen lenders to choose from.

Apex Financial Solutions will help you with every step along the way from the application right through to settlement and beyond. Our superior service levels are what stands us apart from the competition and this is the platform for our ‘Client For Life’ program.

What We Do

So call us today at Apex Financial Solutions where we make your Finance Easy.