Why should I/we use Apex Financial Solutions?

Unlike many of the franchise model mortgage brokers, Apex Financial Solutions is a family owned private company that shares no links with any financial institutions. Apex Financial Solutions has no obligation or commitment to any one lender so you can be absolutely certain that the advice that we provide is completely objective and never compromised by allegiances or third party expectations.  Similarly, Apex Financial Solutions is not aligned with any real estate franchise, therefore our advice to our client is never compromised by the sale of a property.

Quite simply, our motivation is you – saving you money!

How do you know what the best product is for me?

Based on the information you provide, Apex Financial Solutions uses state of the art software to perform a detailed analysis of your individual financial circumstances.

Apex Financial Solutions have access to an extensive panel of lenders and maintain a close interest in each lenders latest product developments. This allows us to quickly identify the best product for our clients. From here we are able to develop your new finance proposal with your bottom line in mind.

This transparent process provides our clients with the necessary information to enable YOU to choose which product you are most comfortable with.

Why use a broker?

The process of applying for finance irrespective of its intended purpose can be a daunting one. There are contracts and agreements that many people may never have been presented with before and completing these on your own can be quite a challenge. The advantage of using Apex Financial Solutions is that you are never alone!

We will assist you every step of the way whilst always keeping you fully informed regarding your application.

Not only will we find you the best product on the market at the time of application, but we will monitor your financial well being through strategic and timely interactions to ensure that you are made aware of alternative opportunities that exist in the marketplace as they present themselves. Unlike your bank manager, we will notify you when a competitor has a superior product and conduct the necessary analysis to determine what financial benefits would be obtained by switching.

Frequently used terms

Bridging Loans: Finance for person’s whom have bought a new home, but not sold there current home

Fixed Loans: Loans with a fixed interest rate

Line of Credit: for disciplined clients that will have the capacity to service the debt when required and ensure that the funds are allocated for their originally intended purpose. By depositing your salary or wages into the account you are reducing the debt and also the interest payable on the loan.

Low Doc Loans: For self employed people a low doc loan allows you to complete a statement of position which is a declaration of your income without supporting documentation which allows you to satisfy lending requirements

100% Offset Account: an offset account to your home loan allows you to conduct your day to day transactions from a savings account whilst the balance of your account is deducted from your monthly interest calculations

Overdraft: Ability to overdraw your account in times of need when cash flow would normally be ceaesed

Professional Packages: For a specified annual fee you are eligible for a discount on your home loan as well as a range of other services and offerings which may include financial advice, insurance discounts and reduced fees. To qualify you do not need to be a ‘professional’, but rather you earn more than $50,000 per annum and have a home loan in excess of $150,000.

Redraw facility: Ability to ‘redraw’ funds that you have previously paid on your home loan

Reverse Mortgages: Allows retirees to access that equity and defer payments which include interest and fees until they sell, vacate the home or are no longer living

Split Loans: Have a loan with part variable rate and part fixed rate

Variable Loans: Loans with a variable interest rate